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What do we do?

This is a virtual program where students can review and improve on their math skills to prepare for their next year or review their previous classes for free the whole year. 

Our Program

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We want to be able to provide an opportunity for students to advance in their math education even during the summer. To apply for a tutoring session, fill out our Google Form to register.

After applying, we will contact you and book tutoring sessions. Each week will have 2-3 sessions. Classes will be with other students of the same grade level. Class sizes range from 2-5. If no other child is in the same grade, it can be a one-to-one session. All of our online tutoring sessions will be through Zoom. Zoom call links will be provided two days prior. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Donations Reccomened


We recommended each student to donate $5-$10 to any charity available.

Below are steps on how you can donate and show us your receipt.

1. Go to the charity's website

2. Follow the instructions on how to donate

3. Make the donation and email us the receipt

Here are some charities we recommend you to donate to:

Find Us


On instagram @reachmathematics

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